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[OPIRG-EVENTS] COMPOSTING CAPER at Tucker House, this Sat.

Come one, come all  to our last COMPOSTING CAPER at Tucker House* (near
Rockland),  this Sat., Nov. 24 (weather permitting), 10A - 2P. Don't
miss this healthful, joyful, spiritful,  peaceful learning experience on
how to prepare healthy organic gardens (no synthetic chemicals) the
permaculture way, for next summer's bounty of tasty, organic fruits and
veggies.  BYO lunch, relatives and friends with strong backs, boots,
work gloves and digging tool if you have one.  Hot drinks provided. Free
admission! Free transportation for two in our car. Call us at 820-0598
if you would like to come.

*Tucker House is a retreat and conference centre for spiritual, physical
and ecological renewal. Owned by the Baptist Convention of Ontario and
Quebec,  Tucker House offers its programs and 30 acres of chemical free
lawns, woods, hiking trails, gardens, camping sites, playing fields (as
well as a 130 yr old  Georgian manor, out buildings, swimming pool and
other resources) to people of all faiths. The house has beds for 20,
large kitchen, dining room and meeting room,  5 bedrooms,  and bathroom
facilities. Modest rates. To make bookings call custodian Erik Fredeen,
446-0125.  Book early, especially for weekends.


Isobel McGregor
Befriending the Earth
49 Evergreen Drive
Nepean ON   K2H 6C5
Tel/Fax (613) 820-0598

All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons
and daughters of the Earth. Humans do not weave the web of life, they
are merely strands in it.  Whatever they do to the web they do to
- Chief Seattle, 1854 (Adapted).

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