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[OPIRG-EVENTS] An evening of information in support of Afghan women

The Ottawa chapter of Women for Women - Afghanistan (w4wA) will present
an evening of information in support of Afghan women.  This event will
be held at 7pm on Friday, November 23rd 2001, in the Alumni Auditorium
of the University of Ottawa, in cooperation with Student Life Service.

Women for Women - Afghanistan (w4wA) is a Canadian volunteer solidarity
group committed to raising awareness to the plight of women in Afghanistan
and in the refugee camps. During two decades of war, Afghan women have
experienced extreme hardship, through the denial of human rights.  In an
increasingly violent and dangerous environment, they and their children
have endured food deprivation, facing severe restrictions to their freedom
of movement and little or no access to basic health care, education,
security and employment.

The November 23rd event will feature speakers, poetry and music.  It is open
to women and men of all communities.  It will be followed by an informal
reception in Café Alternatif where tea, sweet and savoury baked treats will
be offered and shared.  The Alumni Auditorium is located in the University
Centre, 85 University, close to the Library and south of the intersection of
Laurier East and Cumberland streets.  For information with respect to
on campus, call 562-5785.

Voluntary donations in support of projects for Women for Women - Afghanistan
will be gratefully accepted.

Faruq Faisel
Canadian Program Manager
South Asia Partnership (SAP) Canada
1 Nicholas Street, Suite 200
Ottawa Ontario K1N 7B7

Phone: (613) 241 1333, extension 226
Fax: (613) 241 1129
URL: www.sapcanada.org

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