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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Investing Responsibly

EVENT: Ethical Investment Portfolio
WHEN: Thursday Nov 29th at 7pm
WHERE: 275 Slater, 8th floor


"Getting the right advice for successful ethical investing"  will be the
topic of Financial Planner Trudi Thomae's presentation  Thursday, Nov.
29th at 7 p.m. at a meeting to preview the SRI investment portfolio of
the Capital SRI group. The group formed a special committee to develop a
model investment portfolio screening out producers of war materials and
polluters last spring.
Jeff DeJong from la Siembra co-op will present this local investment
alternative to coccoa products produced with child labour.
Please call or email if you plan to come so we can leave your name with
the doorman. The venue is the Dare Center, 275 Slater, 8th floor,

Capital SRI
telephone 819-684-7770

REPLY ADDRESS: fenburn@usa.net

Guillaume Bélanger

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