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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Peter Edwards - this Wednesday

Peter Edwards, author of One Dead Indian will be speaking this Wednesday 
November 28 at 7:00.
Always a relevant topic, it is particularly current given the events during 
the past week surrounding the Dudley George case -as well as questions of 
extreme police response to the peaceful protest against the World Bank, IMF 
and G20 on November 17.
The event is free and all are welcome.

7-9 p.m.
Room 1124 St. Paul University
223 Main Street (across the street from the Green Door) -
on the # 5 bus route, west of Colonel By Drive.

for more details, please call Octopus Books at 233-2589
co-sponsored by: Outaouais Lubicon Solidarity; Aboriginal Rights Coalition: 
Octopus Books and OPIRG- Carleton.

Last week Mike Harris became the first Premier in the history of Ontario
to appear in a civil court to answer questions about his actions
preceding and following the death of Aboriginal activist Anthony
(Dudley) George.

Also, on Wednesday, November 28th, OPP officer Ken Deane, the killer of
Dudley George, faces a disciplinary hearing in Toronto.  To date Deane
has not lost a days pay and is currently being used as an anti-terrorism
consultant by the Provincial Government.

Investigative journalist Peter Edwards, following six years of
relentless research on the Dudley George case,  Edwards has extensive
knowledge about the role Ontario Premier Mike Harris played in the
Ipperwash crisis, citing documents that reveal the extent of his
involvement, and shows how on the heels of the Walkerton inquiry, Harris
is now being forced to answer for the night Dudley George died.

On September 4, 1995, several Stoney Point Natives entered Ipperwash
Provincial Park, near Sarnia, Ontario, and began a peaceful protest
aimed at reclaiming a traditional burial ground.  Within 72 hours, one
of these protesters, Anthony (Dudley) George, was dead, shot by an OPP
officer wielding a submachine gun.

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