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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Don't Miss 2 day National Photo Ehibit!

A National Disgrace ... Child Poverty in Canada opening in Ottawa

WHEN     26-Nov-01 to 28-Nov-01
WHERE    National Arts Centre, 53 Elgin Street (at Confederation
Square), Ottawa, ON

The Ottawa opening will launch the National Exhibit - at the
National Arts Centre, 10:00 AM, November 26.

This National Photo Project brings the every day struggles of low-income
families to public attention.

Campaign 2000 is working on this project in partnership with
PhotoSensitive, a group of professional photographers who volunteer
their time and talent for social causes.

At the opening of the Photo Exhibit in Ottawa, Campaign 2000 will
release the "Child poverty in Canada, November 2001 Bulletin".

Liyu Guo - liyugu@fsatoronto.com - tel:416-595-9230 ex.244

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