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As many of you may (or may not) know, members of Concordia University's
Student Union have built up an impressive free vegan soup kitchen,
called The People's Potato, that serves 500 students, 5 days a week.
Through the dedication of a handful of staff, and funding from their
student government (and others as well), they have provided a healthy
food alternative to the meat centric meals provided by on campus
monopolies. The Carleton Food Collective wishes to follow Concordia's
image and provide a similar service here at Carleton University (did i
mention it will be free).

(I'll keep this short and sweet)

Last week a few of us took a trip up to Concordia to visit The People's
Potato and we came back with a hand (and head) full of information. We
would like to share all of the information we have gathered during a
meeting this Thursday November 29th.  We will be holding our meeting at
The Carl Gillis meeting room 424 in the Unicentre 12:15pm. We are
looking for a strong collective from all reaches of the school to help
in this project. There are many talented and motivated individuals
across Carleton that have a lot to contribute to this project, so spread
the word.  

So, come out this Thursday @ the Carl Gillis room #424 in the Unicentre
and show your support for a new healthy food alternative on campus. (did
i mention it will be FREE!) 

for more info contact;




p.s. punch and pie
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