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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Reminder: Tomorrow ROOTS OF RESISTANCE Tour, Ottawa event

ROOTS OF RESISTANCE Tour, Ottawa event

Saturday, Dec 1st, 2001
7 pm, free (Donations welcomed)

Room 1124
Saint Paul University
223 Main St. - across the street from the Green Door.
(#5 bus route)
(Wheelchair Accessible)

** panel discussion with **

Juan Nivardo Rodriguez, Juventudes Libertarias, Bolivia.  Juventudes
Libertarias has been active in the University of La Paz, working to
establish anarchist groups on campus that support the campesino (peasant
farm-worker) and cocalero (coca grower) sector, mainly coordinating
awareness-raising activities on issues like capitalism, corporate
globalization and direct action.

Chelby Daigle-Oniyemofe, Anti-Oppression Ottawa (AOO).   Chelby is heavily
involved in anti-racist and anti-classist work locally in schools and
communities - including AOO, Colours of Resistance, and the Ottawa City
Council Poverty Issues Advisory Committee.

Pablo Leal, Canada-Colombia Solidarity Campaign (CCSC).   Among other
projects, the CCSC recently had a 'Minga' delegation of 30 Canadians from
diverse areas of civil society (indigenous, women, afro-canadians,
unionists, student activists) go to Colombia to exchange with their
counterparts in Colombia to develop reciprocal solidarity against the
violence imposed by the current political, economic, and social model.

(possible fourth speaker TBA, Shawn Brant, Ontario Coalition Against

Topics to Be Discussed Include:

- Analysis of the particularities of local resistance movements (locally
rooted antipoverty/anti-capitalist coalitions in Canada, popular struggles
in Colombia and Bolivia) and how they tie to the anti-globalization
struggles that most commonly manifest in the street protests like the one we
just went through here in Ottawa two weekends ago.

- A critical look at "anti-globalization" organizing - a self-critical
reflection about where our collective resistances (canada-south) are headed,
what we are doing well and where we are falling short.

- A discussion of viable alternatives to the current order, especially as
found in the local communities of Colombia and Bolivia.

Afterwards there will be time for questions and a chance to get to know each
other, including food and music.  See you there!


About the Roots of Resistance Tour in General:

In the spirit of building a political culture of resistance firmly rooted
in the history of anti-imperialist struggles, the ROOTS OF RESISTANCE
speaking tour brings voices from grassroots struggles in the north and south
together to speak on rebellion, solidarity, and political projects for
transformation - "for the long haul".

The caravan takes on a more critical role in the present political climate
which the US-led "War on Terrorism" gives free-reign to world-wide
and demands that we as community organizers and activists meet the
head on -- from attacks on civil liberties to "Fortress North America".
The caravan brings organizers to your area to strengthen links between
communities in resistance and to reinforce political alliances between
popular struggles and anti-authoritarian organizing.

ROOTS OF RESISTANCE also serves to publicly assert a radical stance in
the context of the prevailing anti-war, anti-globalization sentiments
articulated by both mainstream and supposedly "progressive" sectors.


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