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[OPIRG-EVENTS] CPAWS - Wilderness Story-Telling Contest This WED

In the spirit of the season ...
The Ottawa Valley Chapter of CPAWS, in conjunction
with Bushtukah - Great
Outdoor Gear ...
Invite you to join in our first ever STORY TELLING

7pm at Bushtukah, 203 Richmond Rd. 

Criteria for Eligibility:
- A personal experience
- Involved a self-propelled, wilderness oriented
recreational activity, such
as canoeing, kayaking, hiking, snow-shoeing ...
- Located anywhere in Canada, particularly in parks
and protected areas
- Time limit of 4 minutes
- May use slides and/ or stage props (encouraged but
not required!)

PLEASE let us know if you are interested in
participating ASAP!
Send an email: ovinfo@cpaws.org (or call 23C-PAWS)
with the subject "story-telling contest entry"
Provide your name, telephone number, and story title

Last minute entries will be accepted, however, prior
notice will greatly
help us with planning for the evening, and prizes
Don't be shy!

PRIZES will be awarded in the following sample
- The Wildest!
- Most Inspiring
- Best for Laughs
- Absolutely Unforgettable

Winners will be by audience votes

The contest will be held in conjunction with the next
Wilderness Wednesday on 
December 5th, 7pm
At Bushtukah on 203 Richmond Rd. in Ottawa
Also featuring a guest speaker from Mining Watch
Canada, speaking on "Mining and Biodiversity in

Also, we will be at ...
December 6th, at the Museum of Nature
The Grizzly Bear in Banff National Park
December 6, 2001 at 7pm
Renowned Grizzly expert and wildlife ecologist Stephen
Herrero presents the
conservation and ecology issues surrounding the
Grizzly Bear in Banff
National Park. Admission: $10
Please contact the Canadian Museum of Nature for

For more information, please contact:
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
Ottawa Valley Chapter/Section Vallée de l'Outaouais
880 Wellington Street, Suite 601
Ottawa, ON   K1R 6K7
Telephone:(613) 232-7297 Fax:(613) 232-2030

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