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[OPIRG-EVENTS] special speakers at regular NOWAR/PAIX meeting

From: "angela pinchero" <pinchero@hotmail.com>

Hi, I am forwarding this notice from the NOWAR/PAIX list. NOWAR/PAIX does 
have meeting normally once a week. New members or just curious observers are 
welcome to the meetings, but I thought I would make a special invitation for 
our next meeting on Wednesday because we are lucky to have a special 
speaker, Normand Pellerin. (See the details below.)

For those who are not familiar with NOWAR/PAIX and our activities, there is 
information on the bottom of this forward about our mandate.


WHAT:   Normand Pellerin speaks about his recent trip to Afghanistan
WHERE: Room 123 Simard Hall, Univeristy of Ottawa, 165 Waller (at Laurier)
WHEN:   Wednesday, December 5, 7:00pm

On December 5th, we will have the honour of hosting Normand Pellerin,
one of the pair we talked about who went to Afghanistan to see for 
themselves what was actually happening there.

I hope that NOWAR people, and anyone able will come on out to hear what
this amazing man has to say.  He has been a community activist for over 20 
years and has contributed substantially to marginalised people in the Ottawa 

Do yourself a favour and do not miss this!  I met Normand during the G20 
weekend and found him to be very politically aware, very sensitive to the 
needs of the local and international community, very loving, and
extremely inspirational.  I think we can learn a lot from his presence and 


In response to the horrific events of September 11, the resulting 
declarations of war by the U.S. government and its military allies, the 
attack on civil liberties and the right to dissent, and the ugly racist and 
xenophobic attacks on innocent people of colour across North  America, a 
group of concerned Ottawa-area citizens has recently formed the Network to 
Oppose War and Racism / Pacte contre l’agression, l’intolérance et la 
xénophobie (NOWAR/PAIX).

This coalition has three goals:
1) to oppose terrorism in all its forms, the U.S. call to war, and Canada's 
participation therein;
2) to oppose racism and the racist backlash against people of colour, 
including attacks on immigrant and refugee rights;
3) to oppose the erosion of civil liberties in the name of national 

Our network, which is made up of a diversity of members from within the 
community, seeks to build a broad-based coalition of organizations and 
individuals within the Ottawa region to advance the above goals by 
organizing events and increasing public awareness in the coming weeks and 

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