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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Meeting Dec 12 5pm on Motorised trail use in Frontenac, Lennox & Addington counties

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	I don't know whether there is any connection but I have just been
advised by a member of the Ontario Trail Riders Association, an equestrian
organisation in Lanark county, that trails in Frontenac, Lennox and
Addington counties are under the management of a private company, the
Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance, whose main focus appears to be the
promotion of ATV and Snowmobile use. These trails are being promoted in the
US with the objective of drawing tourists. Tail users are expected to buy
permits in much the same way as snowmobilers now do, and fees are enforced
by privately employed trail patrollers. Permit revenues, along with 
grants cover trail maintenance and enforcement. 

	Non motorised trail users are not necessarily excluded, but the
writing is on the wall. I wonder if those who are protesting the opening of
trails for bicycle use will be equally vociferous when the ATVs start
rolling in. Could it be that there is a hidden agenda.

	My source has been campaigning for closer public scrutiny of trail
management groups, since large sums of public money are involved, and there
is the potential for non partisan users, such as equestrians, cyclists,
skiers and hikers to be excluded altogether. There is a meeting in Perth 
12th at 5pm to solicit public input into the management of the Glen Tay -
Sharbot Lake section of the Trans Canada Trail, which could go to the
Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance in the absence of any public objections.

	For more details, contact Gayda Everett at the above address.

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> I just came across the following message on Rudy Hollywood's daily email
> letter.
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> From the Frontance Gazette: by Ian Reid
> If last week's meeting was any indication, South Frontence council is not
> welcome to the idea of
> Perth Road being used as part of a provincial cycling route.
> The municipality received a form letter last month from the Ontario
> Cycling Association asking for
> comments on an initiative called the Provincial Cycling Route Network.
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