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[OPIRG-EVENTS] support for the occupation of Anne McLellan's office

As you may or may not know, the Edmonton office  of Anne McLellan has been 
occupied since Friday.  They have turned the heat off in the office, so 
those who are there are cold as well as cramped and going into their fourth 
*They are demanding to meet with her or to have the promise of a meeting 
BEFORE bill C-36 is put before Senate.
*As well, they are demanding a binding referendum for Bills C-35, C-36 and 

This is an issue that will affect us as well as future generations. If you 
have the time and inclination, please  give a phone call to support the 
people who are giving up days of their lives, as well as risking arrest to 
make this world a better place and to demand that the government act in a 
responsible manner.

- to call her office in Edmonton - 780-495-3122 - you can let them know you 
support the people and feel that it is her duty as a publicly elected 
representative to meet with her constituents.

- her number in ottawa (613)992-4524

to support the people who are occupying the office the number is 780- 982-LUCY

for more information
www.rabble.ca/columnists_full.shtml?x=4704  (an article by Naomi Klein)

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