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Fwd: [OPIRG-EVENTS] E.U. plans "suspected protester" database --Statewatch

check this out, more criminalization of dissent.

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>To: tao-ott-news@tao.ca
>From: heidi rimke <hrimke@ccs.carleton.ca>
>Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 16:16:10 -0500 (EST)
>STATEWATCH, Press release, 3 December 2001
>Special report on:
>EU plans to extend the Schengen Information System (SIS) to:
>i) create EU database to target "suspected" protestors and bar
>them from entering a country where a protest is planned
>ii) create EU database of all "foreigners" to remove third country
>nationals who have not left within the "prescribed time frame"
>The Council of the European Union (the 15 EU governments) are
>discussing plans to create two new dedicated databases on the
>Schengen Information System (SIS). The first database would
>cover public order and protests and lead to: "Barring potentially
>dangerous persons from participating in certain events [where the
>person is] notoriously known by the police forces for having
>committed recognised facts of public order disturbance"
>"Targeted" suspects would be tagged with an "alert" on the SIS
>and barred from entry the country where the protest or event was
>taking place.
>The second database would be a register of all third country
>nationals in the EU who will be tagged with an "alert" if they
>overstay their visa or residence permit - this follows a call by the
>German government for the creation of a "centralised register".
>Both of these new databases are being put forward under the post-
>11 September "Anti-terrorism roadmap" (item 45 on the version of
>15.11.01, to "Improve input of alerts into the SIS").
>Tony Bunyan, editor of Statewatch, commented:
>"Under the post 11 September EU anti-terrorism plans we have the
>frightening prospect that details of suspected protestors and
>dissenters will be held by the Schengen Information System on
>one centralised, computerised EU-wide database and all
>"foreigners" held on another  and both are to be the subject of
>"targeted" action and/or surveillance. Protestors and "foreigners"
>are to be targeted as presenting primary "threats" to the internal
>security of the EU."
>see: <http://www.statewatch.org/news/2001/nov/19sis.htm>
>for full background analysis and documentation on post 11
>September developments which affects civil liberties please see:
>For further information: Statewatch office: (00 44) (0) 208 802 1882
>Tony Bunyan will be taking part in Press Conference in Brussels
>on Monday 3 December, 14.00 hours, at Centre de presse
>Résidence Palace, Rue de la Loi 155 1040 Bruxelles: "Les droits
>démocratiques ne doivent pas devenir les dommages collatéraux
>de la guerre contre le terrorisme": Jan FERMON, avocat au barreau
>de Bruxelles, Antoine COMTE, avocat au barreau de Paris, Ties
>PRAKKEN, avocat au barreau d'Amsterdam, professeur de droit
>pénal à l'université de Maastricht. Contact : Jan FERMON, 00 32 4
>754 41896.
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