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Re: Fwd: [OPIRG-EVENTS] E.U. plans "suspected protester" database--Statewatch

Heidi, and everyone -- the reason the OPIRG events list is limited to 
events postings is simply that we need a low-volume listserv for 
announcements that will not overwhelm people who have limited 
technology or limited access. There are lots of other local lists 
with a fairly broad membership that are better suited to articles and 
discussion, like the TAO-Ott lists, the GDO (ftaaott) list, and the 
PGA-Ott list, not to mention the various Flora lists, the Octopus web 
site, Indymedia, etc.

What I'm advocating is that people use the OPIRG list for all 
announcements, and other lists as appropriate for news & discussion, 
so that (a) people don't have to cross-post public events, since 
_everyone_ would get announcements from the OPIRG list, and (b) the 
OPIRG list doesn't get jammed with articles and information, unless 
it's background for an event...

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