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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Ottawa action against Senate passage of Bill C-36 Monday at 12:15!(fwd)

Calling all activists!!

As you know, Bill C-36, one of three pieces of anti-terrorism legislation
being advanced by the federal government is scheduled to go to a vote
in the Senate tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. Essentially, Bill C35, 36 and 42
establish a parallel justice system for 'suspected' terrorists and have
threatened fundamental freedoms such as the right to silence, judicial
counsel and a public hearing.

All three have passed in the House, and
Bills 35 and 42 have already passed in the SEnate. Passage of Bill C-36 in
the Senate on Monday will fully legalize the LIberal government's
'anti-terrorism' agenda. It is expected that the Bill will pass as a
result of the LIberal majority in the Senate.

To mark the Senate's actions tomorrow (Monday, December 17th), 	PLEASE
GATHER AT PARLIAMENT HILL AT 12: 15 to denounce the actions taken by
the parties in both the House and Senate who are supporting such repressive
legislation.  The event will go until 2 p.m.

We'll have poems, songs, a  casket symbolizing the death of our
civil liberties as well as an undertaker or two, pamphlets on Bill C-36 you can
share with your colleagues and loved ones, noisemakers, placards, and ..
if we can...  a small funeral band.  We'll also circulate the written
statement (minority observations) of the PC Senators who voted against
the legislation at the Committee stage (where the vote was 6-5!! for the
bill) and collectively chant "Stop Bill C-36" as Senators enter
Centre-block for their afternoon session.

Please feel free to bring your own instrument, song, story or object which
commemorates our loss of liberty.

This action has been organized by an ad-hoc group of
individuals (the idea was floated on Friday so organizations haven't
had time to sign on officially) who wish to *SHAME*
members of the Senate who support this bill- and their colleagues in the
House of Commons.

For more information, pls call Nancy at 231-1116, or 237-1590, ext.320,
Betty-Ann Daviss at 730-0282 or contact any other member of this list who
has expressed support for this action.

		"Hope is a passion for the possible."

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