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[OPIRG-EVENTS] 2002 OCAP Calendar for SALE

2002 OCAP Wall Calendar for Sale
2002 OCAP Wall Calendar for Sale
2002 OCAP Wall Calendar for Sale

Black & White photography depicting the struggle of Ontario's
working, poor & homeless people for housing, income and dignity.

Please help support OCAP's day to day advocacy and our long term political
goals by buying a calendar for Christmas.

Includes: A Short History of OCAP by John Clarke

Cost: sliding scale $10-$20

Contact: Heidi Rimke hrimke@ccs.carleton.ca 613-233-7057
Make cheques payable to "Ontario Coalition Against Poverty"

		Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
	249 Sherbourne Street   Toronto, Ontario   M5A 2R9
	     416-925-6939   ocap@tao.ca   www.ocap.ca

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