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[OPIRG-EVENTS] IMC Ottawa: meeting notice tuesday 2002/01/29, 7 pm

Next meeting for IMC Ottawa is on
29th of Janurary 2002 at 7 pm
University of Ottawa, Jock Turcot University Center, second floor, room
207 (UCU 207)

A map is posted at

If you do not have access to the web or can't display images, the
instructions are provided below:

Room UCU 207 (as well as UCU 205) is located at the Jock Turcot
University Center, second floor.
1. Locate the intersection of Cumberland and Laurier
2. Proceed to the end of Cumberland, where it intersects with Cumberland
and Université. There should be a bike rack near.
3.Go up the stairs
4. To your right, you should see the entrance to the library. Go through
the first set of doors.
5. Go up the stairs, either the ones to your left or right
6. You are now on the second floor, but in Morisset Hall, not the
University Center. Right after going through a set of doors, on your far
left should be some vending machines.
7. Proceed towards the vending machines and pass them. You should reach
a small overpass in which the floor goes down a bit.
8. Immdiatley after the overpass will be on your right the Womyn's
Ressource Center. Continue walking in the same direction. You are now on
the second floor of the university Center
9. You will eventually reach a purple wall with large windows. That is
the Health Promotion Center. Turn right after Health Promotion.
10. Continue to the end of the corridor where UCU 207 should be located.

If you get lost, just ask where is Health Promotion Center. The room is
located very near it.

"By spreading "fear and respect", as a Washington Post reporter put it,
America intends to see off challenges to its uncertain ability to
control and manage the "global economy", the euphemism for the
progressive seizure of markets and resources by the G8 rich nations. "
- John Pilger, December 27th 2001, Znet
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