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[OPIRG-EVENTS] mon. jan 28: tv show, "what really happened on 9/11?" (fwd)

Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 13:35:32 -0500
From: Richard Sanders
Subject: Half hour TV show: "What Really Happened on 9/11?" Mon.Jan.28

                                          Please forward:
Watch "Insight MediaFile" on Vision TV 
Monday, January 28,
10:30 pm Eastern Time  (that's 7:30 pm Pacific Time)

The topic will be:
"What Happened on 9/11 and why aren't the mainstream media asking that

CHANNEL NUMBERS for Vision TV are different depending where your are.
Look up the cable dial number of Vision TV in any TV guide.

Thursday, Jan. 31, 7 am      Eastern Time
Thursday, Jan. 31, 1:30 pm   Eastern Time
Friday,   Feb. 1,  1:30 am   Eastern Time

On the last edition of "Insight MediaFile" (first broadcast Mon., Jan. 21)
the show's host -- media critic Barrie Zwicker -- dared to suggest in his
weekly commentary that the CIA, Pentagon and White House may be complicit
in the horrendous events of Sept. 11th, 2001.

That commentary was the first in a series on MediaFile that will deal with
this important issue.  MediaFile is perhaps the first current affairs TV
program in Canada to raise this possibility.

Barrie Zwicker says that following that show, "the program's senior
producer, executive producer and program director decided we'll devote the
WHOLE of next Monday's program [January 28] to 'What Happened on 9/11 and
why aren't the mainstream media asking that question?'  It will lead off
with our most extended viewer feedback segment ever, followed by the media
panel on that topic, followed by Part 2 of my series. All commercial-free."

CONTACT the following to give your feedback, make comments or ask questions:

Click here to send your feedback/comments regarding the program:

Click here for more information about the program "Insight MediaFile":

Click here to reach Vision TV's audience relations person:

Or, phone Vision TV: (416) 368-3194

Or, click here to email Barrie Zwicker:
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