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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Welcoming Big Brother - Wednesday Night

Welcoming Big Brother
Ottawa Public Library Auditorium
Wednesday, January 30, 2002 @ 7:30
120 Metcalfe Street - this location is accessible.
Free of Charge/ Donations Welcome

Is privacy an outdated concept?
Will trading our rights to privacy really buy us prosperity, security and 
peace of mind?

Everyone wants to know as much about us as possible. The corporation is 
interested in our profiles as consumers. Our employers want the right to 
know what we did last night and whom we are e-mailing this morning. 
Governments claim the right to know with whom we associate and for what 

But we participate in this erosion of privacy, too. Some of us want to 
know, thanks to a nanny-cam, exactly what's going on at the daycare. 
Perhaps we stop at the grocery store and cheerfully hand over a "loyalty" 
card on our way to a meeting to protest the passage of anti-terrorist 
legislation. And if this meeting is at City Hall, a video camerawill keep 
track of our arrival. Our images can be matched to an electronic file of 
"known threats" to the state.

We are surrounded by human and technological invasions of our privacy, some 
of which we condemn, and some of which we see as benign. Where do we draw 
the line as individuals? What is the appropriate role of the state in 
protecting our privacy?  What are the consequences of new legislation that 
will further restrict our civil liberties, including privacy, in the name 
of security?

Join us for an open discussion of privacy and public policy, featuring:

Bill Blaikie, NDP MP and Justice Critic
Valerie Steeves, Professor of Law, University of Ottawa
Ken Anderson, Office of the Ontario Privacy Commissioner
Neil Tudiver, CAUT, Chair

Sponsored by:
Ottawa Centre New Democrats
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

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