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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Public forum onThe Future of Civil Liberties in Canada - Tues. Feb 5

NOWAR/PAIX (Network to Oppose War and
Racism/Pacte contre l'agression, l'intolérance et
la xénophobie) presents a public forum on…
The Future of Civil Liberties in Canada
Who's a Terrorist  Anyway?
Immigrants?   Journalists?  Students against
privatizing education?  Arabs? NOWAR/PAIX? 
Muslims?  Sikhs?  Striking workers?  Aboriginal
Peoples? Anti-globalization protesters?  Lawyers?
 Raging grannies?

Time:   Tuesday, February 5th from 7 to 10 p.m.
Place:  Ottawa Public Library Auditorium (Main
Branch, Metcalfe at Laurier)
Cost:   Free  (donations accepted to help cover
costs of the event)

Richard Warman, Lawyer/Activist 

Deborah Bourque, Canadian Union of Postal Workers
                (and member of the Sept. 11 Peace

Amina Sherazee, Legal Counsel, Canadian Arab

Representative from the aboriginal community,
(still to be confirmed)

Christian Legeais, CAZO (Comité anti-ZLÉA de
l'Outaouais,Outaouais Committee Against FTAA)

Discussion to follow the presentations.   

The recent anti-terrorism bills (C-35, C-36 and
C-42) appear to be a means to give law
enforcement officials the necessary tools to find
terrorists and prevent future attacks.

However, the Canadian Bar Association, the
Canadian Civil Liberties Association, a parade of
constitutional and civil-rights lawyers, various
trade unions, social justice organizations,
advocacy groups and many Canadian citizens have
unanswered questions.

They say that the bill:         
- strips Canadians of their civil liberties; 
- guts privacy and human-rights legislation;
- overrides Charter of Rights and Freedoms
- criminalizes political dissent, and; 
- gives government and police exorbitant powers
to eavesdrop, investigate, detain and blacklist

They say the Government of Canada has not
explained why existing legislation is inadequate.

In the interests of promoting further discussion
on this extremely important issue, the group
NOWAR/PAIX (Network to Oppose War and
Racism/Pacte contre l'agression, l'intolérance et
la xénophobie) presents this public forum. 


In response to: the horrific events of September
11; the resulting declarations of war by the U.S.
government and its military allies; the attack on
civil liberties and the right to dissent, and;
the racist and xenophobic attacks on innocent
people of colour across North America; a group of
concerned Ottawa-area citizens has recently
formed NOWAR/PAIX.

This coalition has three goals: 

1) to oppose terrorism in all its forms
(including state terrorism), the U.S. call to
war, and Canada's participation therein; 

2) to oppose the racist backlash against people
of colour, including attacks on  immigrant and
refugee rights; 

3) to oppose the erosion of civil liberties in
the name of national security. 

Our network, which is made up of a diversity of
members from within the community, seeks to build
a broad-based coalition of organizations and
individuals within the Ottawa region.  In order
to advance the above goals we are organizing
events and increasing public awareness in the
coming weeks and months.

For more information call Mick Panesar at
523-1077 or e-mail us at nowar_paix@flora.org

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