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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Sit-in at Tim Horton's Feb 5

Non violent Direct Action against campus corporatisation, use of private 
business to divert funds from student government, use of slave-grown coffee 
instead of Fair trade, undercutting of unionised jobs at student run 
establishments, and education on the government-administration-corporate 
axis that keeps fees and tuition high.   The goal is to be disruptive of 
"business as usual" without any more effort than it takes to sit down and 
eat lunch.

A very ad hoc commitee of concerned people, including you.

When: 12pm for a few hours

Where: Baker's lounge in front of Tim Horton's at Carleton University

What to bring:  Yourself, some friends and some ideas for creative slogans 
(cardboard and markers provided).

Sorry for the short notice, but spontaneity can be a strength!

In solidarity for random acts of chilled-out resistance,
Brenden Murphy
Kelly Fritsch
CACA (Clowns Against Corporate Ascendency)

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