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[OPIRG-EVENTS] (TONIGHT!) feb. 6: sit-in protesting tuition hikes

freeze tuition now!

tonight, join a protest & party at carleton u.
since this afternoon, students have been taking 
part in a sit-in at the main level of robertson 
hall at carleton.

starting at around 9 pm we'll be joined by
dj's elfinity, tampered dna, and mz. revolution
and there'll be more drumming (bring drums!).

bring a sleeping bag or blanket if you'd like 
to stay overnight.

why protest against tuition hikes?
- higher fees mean less access to university 
and college for middle and low income students
- in the past ten years, average tuition fees 
in ontario have more than doubled, and average 
student debt has jumped by nearly 300%
- many other countries have free tuition
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