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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Feb.12 - Nelson Mandela Celebration of Reconciliation

Third annual Ottawa community celebration of Nelson Mandela's Walk to
Freedom in February 1990 and the launch of his monumental and on-going work
on reconciliation.
Tues. February 12, 2002  
      National Archives, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa. 

        6:15 pm -  A Community Reconciliation Get-Together:

        7:30 pm - GLOBAL RECONCILIATION  IN  A  NEW  ERA  by Dr. Alex Boraine

Dr. Borraine was appointed by Nelson Mandela aas Archbishop Desmond Tutu's
vice-chair on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa.
Responses to his address will be made by the Ambassador for Burundi and the
Directors of Research of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation of Canada. 

THEN! - a celebration enlivened by Drummers from Burundi and Dancers
from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda !!
This should be a celebration of great importance and much fun...so come
along and have a good time! Come and enjoy the food, the drumming, the
dancing, and, above all, the message!

Alex Campbell 
   Katherine Gunn       Ottawa, Canada        <kglist@magma.ca>

 "Not everything that can be counted counts, and
    not everything that counts can be counted"    Albert Einstein

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