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[OPIRG-EVENTS] [Fwd: Talk on Dalai Lama &Parkdale Orch. performs at U-U.F.O.]

                                February 17, 2002
                         Hear the rich, harmonious sound of the renowned

                    Parkdale United Church Orchestra

                             and hear the humour and wisdom of the

                     Minister Emeritus Fred Cappuccino
                 of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ottawa
                                 as he speaks on
                  The Fourteen Lives of the Dalai Lama

               Both at the Sunday Service of the UUFO, Feb. 17, 2002 at
10:30 AM
                            Colonel By Secondary School
                            2381 Ogilvie Rd (at Kender)
                            Contact: 747-0418 or 837-2235

"The Fourteen Lives of The Dalai Lama"  Fred Cappuccino,our Minister
Emeritus,will trace briefly the uneven history of his reincarnations,
attempt to probe the profound significance of this extraordinary person.

Parkdale United Church Orchestra

  In 1945 Cliff Templer, the church organist and choir director, formed
small ensemble consisting of three violinists and a pianist to play at
church services once a month. Not long after, the choir and "orchestra"
to Carleton Place to give a concert, which necessitated more players and
conductor. A clarinetist, oboist, cellist, and bass player were soon
and the first violinist, Stuart Morris, became the conductor for the
occasion. From this small group the orchestra has grown to its present
of more than fifty players.

Recently, the orchestra has presented larger works -- combining with
from CAMMAC(Canadian Amateur Musicians / Musiciens amat
eurs du Canada) to present Beethoven's "Mass in C minor" in 1998, and
sections of Dvorak's "Stabat Mater" in 2000.

In 1999 it commissioned a work as a millennium project from its
Peter Willsher: the "Americas Suite" for Orchestra, performed in
2000. The orchestra has also featured young soloists. In March, 2002,
Zhao, a runner-up in the Thirteen Strings contest for soloists, will
one movement of a piano concerto by Haydn.

The amateur players in the orchestra are of all ages and from all walks
life. The current conductor, Peter Willsher, is a composer who also
several other ensembles in Ottawa and Montreal.

The orchestra owes a great debt to the Parkdale United Church, for
a place for rehearsals. In return, the orchestra enjoys playing twice a
in the church services, and looks forward to its continued association
the church.
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