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[OPIRG-EVENTS] ROOTS RADICAL - Sat. Feb 16 consulta party!

What: Roots Radical - a party for the consulta!  
When:Saturday February 16th
Where: Mike's Place, Carleton Univeristy 2nd floor unicentre building
How much? Pay what you can

This weekend activists in the [anti]capital[ist] city are hosting a
regional consulta to reinforce networks of resistance and plan for
upcoming local campaigns against the meetings of the G-8 leaders in
Kananaskis in June. 

On Saturday night Bass~is for Change invites you to come out to an
evening of renegade beats featuring:

Peter Danger ~ downtempo drum and bass
Zattar	     ~ old school funk
D-Mass	     ~ rare soul and funk
Calkuta	     ~ hip hop
Kross-opitx  ~ jungle
Mz. Revolution	ragga jungle

Take buses 7 or 4 to get to Carleton. The location is wheelchair
acessible. 19+ with i.d. Pay what you can.
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