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[OPIRG-EVENTS] World Inter-Action Mondiale 30th Anniversary and AGM, Feb. 20

	   World Inter-Action Mondiale
	would like to invite you to their
	     Annual General Meeting
	         to celebrate
	   WIAM's 30th Anniversary

When: February 20, 2002
Where: Sandy Hill Community Centre, 250 Somerset St. East
Time: 6pm to 9pm (Wine and cheese at 6pm)

Interested in global social justice issues, global education, and the 
media? Find out about World Inter-Action Mondiale -- come to this 

Topics will Include:
* Global Education projects for Youth
* The One World Film Festival
* Our Radio Presence ('A Luta Continua' on CKCU)

World Inter-Action Mondiale is a volunteer-based organisation that 
has been working on development education, social justice issues, and 
outreach for 30 years now. Its Mission states:
"Acting as a catalyst organization, WIAM will encourage local action 
and involvement in social justice issues, north and south, through 
radio, film and direct outreach, with a focus on youth."

WIAM will work locally and in partnership with individuals and 
organizations to:
* promote educational and cultural events
* provide a public forum for discussion, critical analysis and policy dialogue
* support struggles for people's rights at home and abroad
* foster understanding of the links between world communities and our own
* recruit and train young activists and leaders in community 
organizing and social change

Contact Information: WIAM office at 238-4659

"We find it very difficult to penetrate the minds of American leaders."
- Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.
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