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there's lots of last minute requests for billeting coming in!  any help 
would be greatly appreciated.
if you've got a spare bed or empty floor space, please fill out the form 
below and email it to g8housing@yahoo.com.
the housing committee

February 15-16, 2001

In anticipation of the upcoming Group of Eight (G8) Leaders' Meeting in Canada,
and with the aim of reinforcing local anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist and
anti-oppression networks of resistance, activists based in Ottawa, Toronto,
Kingston, Guelph, Montreal and Quebec City are convening an anti-G8 Consulta
and regional planning Assembly. The Consulta will be hosted by Ottawa-area
activists on the weekend of February 16-17.

Many activists from Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes, the Northeastern U.S. and
other places, will be arriving in Ottawa on Friday, February 15, 2001.  For the
nights of February 15th and 16th, these folks will need somewhere to stay, and
we're hoping you can help!

If you've got an extra bed or some floor space available on Friday, February 15
and 16, and would like to host a person or group of people, fill out the simple
questions below and email them to G8housing@yahoo.com.  If you've got any
questions at all, call (613) 564 0558, or email G8housing@yahoo.com.  We'll get
back to you as quickly as we can.

<please send email the completed form to G8housing@yahoo.com or call (613) 564

--->How many people would you like to host?

--->Please indicate if your home is a <SMOKING>, <NON-SMOKING>, <NO

--->Please indicate if you would prefer a guest/group that is <SMOKING>,

--->Please indicate if you have pets.  <YES>, <NO>,

--->Please indicate if you would prefer to host a women-only
group.  <YES>, <NO>, <NO PREFERENCE>.

Please indicate if your home is accessible for someone in a wheelchair.
<YES> <NO>

Please indicate if your home is accessible for someone with movement 
but not fully wheelchair accessible.
<YES> <NO>

--->Are you willing to get in touch with your guest(s) before they arrive
in Ottawa?

--->Can you provide your phone number and email address so your
guest(s) can contact you?

Consulta Logistics Committee
(613) 564 0558

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