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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Friday Feb. 15 deadline for Youth Summit on sustainable transportation

Please forward to any Canadian Youth interested in sustainable urban 


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Subject:        	[CfSC] FRIDAY Feb. 15 is deadline for Youth Summit on 
sustainable transportation
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In case anyone on the list is a youth or knows of one who is interested in
sustainable urban transportation and environmental issues...

The deadline for youth to apply to participate in the Youth Summit on
Sustainable Urban Transportation is THIS FRIDAY FEB. 15

Applications must be *postmarked* by February 15, 2002.

Please forward this notice to anyone you may know who may be
eligible and interested.

Apply now to come to Ottawa on May 10-14, 2002 to participate in the
national Youth Summit on Sustainable Urban Transportation. It will bring
together 75 youth from across the country, aged 17-24, to discover and
discuss the importance of sustainable transportation in our communities.

The goal of the summit is to send back to Canadian communities youth who
are well informed and encourage local action on sustainable transportation

Before the summit, participants will meet with community groups to gather
a basic understanding of the material. The summit will begin on Friday
with an opening plenary featuring some of the country's experts on urban
spaces, transportation and the environment.

The summit is comprised of four core sessions: team-work and leadership,
urban and transit planning, youth targeted programs (such as off ramp and
university passes), and active transportation and community marketing.
Elective sessions include event planning, media relations, health
implications of transportation, and kicking the car habit. Tours of Ottawa
will highlight the application of principles of urban and transportation

Delegates will end their stay in Ottawa with a breakfast on Parliament
Hill where they will be joined by their members of Parliament. Ultimately,

Participants will be invited by community groups upon their return to
share what they learned and to encourage local actions!
Application forms and more details are at 
et en francais <http://www.cutaactu.ca/YouthSummitFR.htm>

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