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[OPIRG-EVENTS] demo thursday: no profits on a dead planet !

Hello friends,

I just found out this morning that top executives of the oil and gas industry 
and the federal and provincial ministers of Energy, Environment and Natural 
Resources will be attending a conference on "Continental Energy Markets and 
Greenhouse Gas Emissions" at the Westin Hotel today and tomorrow (Feb. 20, 21) 
in downtown Ottawa. On the agenda will be presentations by Shell Canada and 
the Minister of Energy for Alberta (Murray Smith) on how Canadian fossil fuel 
companies might be expanded to meet U.S. energy demands. We are quickly 
pulling together a picket to be held in front of the Westin for tomorrow 
(thursday) when David Anderson (Minister of Environment) will be giving the 
keynote address.  We demand that Canada ratify the Kyoto Climate Change Accord 
immediately. We reject expansion of the Canadian oil and gas industry to feed 
the U.S. energy addiction - a policy that will result in the extinction of 
species, destroy First Nations communities in the north and threaten the 
health of thousands of Canadians.

Stay posted for details of the demo. Even if a few folks could attend that 
would be brilliant.  If you want to assist, please call or email faisal 
(236-3513), fmoola@is2.dal.ca



Faisal Moola,
Forest Ecologist
MSc.,Biology, Lakehead University
Ph.D. candidate, Biology, Dalhousie University

2-524 MacLaren Street
Ottawa, Ontario

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