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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Public Forum - Resource Extraction and Conflicts in Africa: WhatResponses from Canada?

Public Forum

Resource Extraction and Conflicts in Africa: What Responses from Canada?

The Africa-Canada Forum, in collaboration with Kairos and Development 
Workshop- Canada invite you to participate in a public meeting where 
will be discussed the regrettably common links between the 
exploitation of oil and minerals and conflicts in Africa. Using three 
case studies, some of which involve Canadian companies, we will 
examine which are the national and international mechanisms that 
cause social or armed conflicts to emerge near zones of resource 
extraction. We will also look at the possible responses, here in 

The roundtable, moderated by John van Mossel (Development Workshop) 
and Denis Tougas (Entraide missionnaire) will bring together the 
following speakers:

Gary Kenny, KAIROS-Africa :
Oil and civil war in Sudan

Jean-Patrice Ngoyi, Justice, Development and Peace Commission (Nigeria)
Oil and environmental conflicts in Nigeria

Lansana Gberie, Partnership Africa Canada
Diamonds and the expansion of conflicts from Liberia to Guinea

Bonnie Campbell, Professor, Université du Québec à Montréal, and 
director, Groupe de recherche sur les activités minières en Afrique
National and international rules that may sometimes allow or 
encourage conflicts

Penelope Simons, Visiting Scholar at the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto
What can be done in Canada?

The presentations will be followed by a discussion with the audience.

Monday February 25, 2002
7:30 - 10pm
Frieman Auditorium
University of Ottawa
Perez Hall, room 121
50 University

Welcome to all!

Information: Claudie Gosselin (613) 241-7007 x 321

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