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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Public talk, short videos on struggles in southern Africa

Public lecture at Carleton.
"Southern Africa Today: Exhausted Nationalism, Neoliberalism and the
Search for Social Justice" by  Patrick Bond of the University of
Graduate School of Public and Development Management (in Johannesburg,
Africa).  On Tuesday February 26, 2002 in Loeb A602 from 12:30-2:30.

Dr. Bond will give a lecture as well as screen two short, recent South
Africa videos, Two Trevors Go to Washington* and White Gold

Sponsored by the African Studies Committee and the Departments of
Political Science and Sociology & Anthropology

Patrick Bond has published extensively on Zimbabwe and South Africa and
is an active contributor to national, regional and global public
discussions concerning neo-liberalism and social justice. He is a
voluntary associate of the Alternative Information and Development
Centre in Johannesburg and of the Center for Economic Justice in
Washington. His two recent books are Against Global Apartheid and
Zimbabwe’s Plunge (with Masimba John Manyanya).

* “An incisive yet humorous account of the April 16 IMF and World Bank
meetings and protests, through the eyes of two opposing South Africans,
both veterans of the anti-apartheid struggle. A unique insider
perspective on both the world economy's commanding heights, and the
global protest movement that has emerged to fight the power of those
commanding heights.”

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