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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Sun.Feb.24, 2pm - Mordecai Richler panel

Sunday, February 24 - 2 pm.
National Library Auditorium,
        395 Wellington St., Ottawa

"The Whirlwind Elsewhere: Mordecai Richler and Our Compromised Times" - 

        A panel Discussion with:

Prof. Bernard Dov Cooperman, Univ. of Maryland, History Dept.
    examining Richler's role as memorist of the immigrant neighbourhood
Prof. Linda Morra, Univ. of Ottawa, English Dept.
        exploring Richler's role as satirist of Canadian cultural
Prof. Norman Ravvin, Concordia University, Canadian Jewish Studies ,
        focusing on Richler the Jewish writer, and the centrality 
        of the Second World War.

Presented by
Concordia Univ. Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies
National Library of Canada

No admission fee.    Reception to follow.

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