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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Thu.Feb.28 - "New Sun" Lecture Series on Aboriginal Peoples

 The "New Sun" Lecture Series on Aboriginal Peoples

Thursday, February 28, 2002
 Saint Paul University, Amphitheatre, Room 1124
 223 Main Street, Ottawa
 7:00 pm ­ 9:00 pm  /  Refreshments 
 Free and Open to the Public  /   Free Parking 

 Mi'kmaq Spiritual Traditions:
 A Chief's Inheritance

 Guest Speaker: Stephen Augustine
 Hereditary Chief on the Mi'kmaq Grand Council and
 Curator for Ethnology (Eastern Maritimes),
 Canadian Museum of Civilization

 Mr. Augustine will discuss spirituality using the oral traditions of the
M'ikmaq. By relating the Miškmaq Creation Story, he shows an Aboriginal
perspective on the importance of living in spiritual and physical balance
with Mother Earth. 

Employed since 1996 at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Mr. Augustine
has a B.A in Anthropology and Political Science from St. Thomas University
and an M.A. in Canadian Studies from Carleton University focusing on
traditional knowledge and education.

While studying history and researching archives over the years, he has been
active in providing research and consulting services to First Nations
organizations, including the Assembly of First Nations and a wide variety of
agencies (federal, provincial, universities, museums).

 As a hereditary Chief on the Mi'kmaq Grand Council and by Elders' training
since an early age, Stephen J. Augustine has a thorough knowledge of
traditional practices and cultural history.

 Contact: Daryold Corbiere Winkler, Coordinator
 (613) 236-1393, ext. 2703

 The "New Sun" Lectures are made possible through the New Sun Fund
administered by the Community Foundation of Ottawa.

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