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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Peter Edwards and "One Dead Indian"

A talk with Peter Edwards, author of "One Dead Indian"

In his book "One Dead Indian", Peter examines the shocking circumstances
that left Native  Dudley George dead  and another Native man severley
beaten after a peaceful protest to reclaim a traditional burial ground
at Ipperwash Provincial Park in September 4th, 1995. Peter also looks at
the role of the OPP and finds out why they fired upon the small group of
unarmed Natives' with submachine guns and he uncovers the scandelous
role Premier Mike Harris played in the terrifying events that occurred
on September 4th, 1995. Peter Edwards will be at Carleton University to
talk about his book at 5:30 on March 7th, 2002 at 3275 Mackenzie

Dudley George lost his life defending Aboriginal Rights, Canada needs to
improve its human rights standards and in order to do that we must not
forget the tragedy that occurred in Ipperwash six years ago.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Whatever affects
one directly, affects all indirectly." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

For more information concerning the talk with Peter Edwards please feel
free to contact;
Sheila Grantham at (613) 526-2695 or (OPIRG) Karen Hawely at (613)
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