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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Feb 28 event with Gordon Laird

Journeys Across an Energy Nation
Gordon Laird
Multi-media presentation and talk by this great author.
Thursday, February 28, 7pm
St. Paul University. 223 Main Street,  Room 203 (Auditorium).

Co-sponsored by OPIRG-Carleton & Octopus Books.
" Gordon Laird presents us with snapshots of a Canada many of us will never 
see, and certainly many of us know little about.  Laird's new book "Power" 
is a travel across Canada looking at those communities which provide the 
rest of the country with the power we take for granted.  His trip offshore 
of the North Atlantic is a fascinating glimpse of what goes into the search 
for natural gas; his trip to Sable Island, with wild horses and characters 
out of a novel is a page turner: his visits in Nunavut with people who live 
on the land and can discuss from personal experience the impact of gradual 
but definite climate warming is powerful ~ and this is just the first 
quarter of the book.  Laird gives us these glimpses of the country and 
through this weaves the struggles Canada will be facing in the next decade, 
as First Nations and Citizen's advocacy groups reclaim energy as a public 
issue in the age of privatization, the debate over who will own and control 
power in the future will determine Canada's politicical and economic health."

Born in Prince Rupert and raised in Calgary, Gordon Laird has
won two gold medals from Canada's National Magazine Awards,
including top honours for investigative journalism. His previous
book was the critically acclaimed Slumming It at the Rodeo:
The Cultural Roots of Canada's Right Wing Revolution.
www.penguin.ca / www.octopusbooks.org

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