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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Fwd: Sat.March 2nd!

Feel free to pass this on....
This saturday March 2nd is the kick-off event for International Women's week 

The theme is "Celebrating the Lives of Women" and it promises to be a great 

The rally begins at 1pm at the Human rights Monument at the corner of Elgin 
and Lisgar.  We will behaving some great speakers including Marlene Cattaral 
and Kiera Denault...

We will also be honouring the women who were nominated as "amazing women" 
for their accomplishments and contributions to various communities and for 
being an inspiration!

There will also be an info fair, refreshments and entertainment inside City 
Hall after the rally.

The info fair will include over 30 community organizations and women's 

Entertainment includes:

Oni the Haitian sensation
Sophmore Level Psychology
the Raging Grannies
and a dance troupe from the Philipines...
and more!

So come out and celebrate the lives of womyn with us this Saturday!

For more info call the Women's Action centre Against Violence at 230-6700

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