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[OPIRG-EVENTS] CPAWS Wilderness Wednesday: Wild Nahanni threatened by oil and gas

CPAWS Ottawa Valley - Wilderness Wednesday Series
March 6, 2002,  7:00 p.m.
Location: Church Of The Ascension, 253 Echo Drive. Echo Drive is
accessible from Main Street via Graham Ave, the first street
north of Hawthorne Ave.

THE WILD NAHANNI RIVER: New threats from oil and gas development

Nahanni National Park Reserve was established to protect one of
Canada's foremost wilderness rivers. Because of Pierre Trudeau's
love for the area, consideration is being given to renaming
Victoria Falls in his memory. However, the Nahanni is under
renewed threat from mining and oil and gas development outside
the park, but within the greater Nahanni ecosystem. The evening
will include a presentation (slides and video) by Becky Mason
showcasing her favorite haunts, adventures and memories of the
wild and mysterious Nahanni River. Alison Woodley, Northern parks
campaigner for CPAWS, will outline the threats facing the
Nahanni, and the opportunities for greater protection.

Come to enjoy, to learn and to take action.

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
Ottawa Valley Chapter/Section Vallée de l'Outaouais
880 Wellington Street, Suite 601
Ottawa, ON   K1R 6K7
Telephone:(613) 232-7297 Fax:(613) 232-2030
Email:ovinfo@cpaws.org    www.cpaws-ov.org


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