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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Challenging Corporate Driven Globalization and the Spread of Violence

Challenging Corporate Driven Globalisation and the Spread of Violence:
Empowering People and Communities for Peacebuilding and Social Justice
With Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen
Thursday March 14 7-9pm, 231 Unicentre (Porter Hall), 
Carleton University 
Globalisation -- economic, military, social, cultural and political --
presents new challenges as well as new possibilities.  The rising power
of the corporate class threatens to overwhelm traditional concepts of
democracy, while growing people-to-people links, solidarity movements,
and the search for alternatives herald a new age of democratisation and
people's power.  From the Zapatistas to the Brazilian Landless Movement,
India's movement for Living Democracy, the World Social Forum, and
growing citizen's involvement and participation around the world,
alternatives for a just world are being built every day.  The challenge
to overcome war and exploitation, and to transform every form of direct,
structural and cultural violence is greater today than perhaps ever
before.  The challenge is there.  The question, is whether we are up to
it. A one hour lecture on globalisation, militarisation, people's
alternatives, and the challenge for peace by peaceful means  followed by
questions and discussion.
TRANSCEND developed the United Nations' first ever manual on "Conflict
Transformation by Peaceful Means: The TRANSCEND Approach." In 1999 he
was founder and Director of the Coalition for Global Solidarity and
Social Development, and in 2000, together with Johan Galtung, he was
founder of the Nordic Institute for Peace Research (NIFF). 

Web-site: www.transcend.org
Web-site: www.globalsolidarity.org

Students get in FREE and adults have a suggested donation of 10
dollars.  All the proceeds are going to support peace work in
Afghanistan, Colombia, Romania and elsewhere), and the green party on
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