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[OPIRG-EVENTS] COAT/NOWAR mtg (Monday Mar.18th) re: Chossudovsky/Zwicker event, April

Please join us at a:

Planning Meeting (a joint meeting sponsored by COAT and NOWAR)
to organize a public event in April with Michel Chossudovsky and Barrie Zwicker.

All are welcome!  We need your help!

Details on the Planning Meeting: 

Where:    McNabb Community Centre, 180 Percy St (just north of Gladstone Ave.)
Date:     Monday, March 18, 2002
Time:     7 pm

Here's what we know about the April event with Chossudovsky and Zwicker:

(1) Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) has arranged for two speakers to speak at an event in Ottawa:
  * Barrie Zwicker (journalist and media critic; host of MediaFile, Vision TV, Mondays at 10:30 pm.) 
  * Michel Chossudovsky (Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa; author of "Globalisation of Poverty") 

(2) The event will TENTATIVELY be Saturday, April 27, at the University of Ottawa

(3) The title of the event may be something like: "The Truth Behind September 11" "Sept 11: Pretext for War" 

(4) Barrie will show a video (we'll use a video projector).  It will be about 30-40 minutes long.  (The video combines Barrie's commentaries aired on Vision TV.  They deal with "The Great Deception" i.e., "What Really Happened on September 11?")

(5) Michel Chossudovsky will address the issue of how the U.S. has used September 11 as a pretext to wage war(s) to consolidate their gestrategic/military/economic power in Central Asia and elsewhere.

(6) We'll have questions and a lively discussion from the audience.

(7) We may also have a second event, possibly a potluck dinner, possibly on the preceding evening (Friday, April 26), to give people an opportunity to socialise and to meet with Michel and Barrie.  Following the dinner we could have a workshop/discussion.  This event may be primarily for activists and researchers who are interested in Sept 11, its use as a pretext, and a chance to exchange ideas with Barrie and Michel and like-minded folks.

(8) We need help to pull this off!!

So....   can you help us to make this a success?

We will soon appreciate help with the following, and more:

* announcing the April event(s) at upcoming meetings and events
* putting up posters
* distributing leafets
* phoning NGOs to ask them to publicise the event
* finding other co-sponsors for the event
* distributing a notice of the event(s) on bulletin boards, list serves, web sites, etc.

* writing and distributing media release
* writing and distributing Public Service Announcements
* arranging CBC radio, or other interviews, for Barrie and Michel

Recording the event:
* can you make good quality audio or video tapes of the event?

Possible Social/Potluck workshop/discussion event:
* booking room
* phoning key people to attend
* arranging stuff like coffee and tea
* set up and take down of facilities

If you can't attend our planning meeting but would like to help make this event a great success, please contact:

Mick Panesar    <mspanesar2@yahoo.com> NOWAR
Richard Sanders <ad207@ncf.ca> COAT

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