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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Can-Bike 2 Cycling Course

Who:  Citizens for Safe Cycling
WWW.cfsc.ottawa.on.ca (follow the links through Operating your bicycle)

What:  Can-Bike 2 cycling course

Date:  Sat & Sun April 13 & 14, 9am-4pm;  Mon, April 15, 6-10pm

Location:  Somerset Community Police Centre  393 Somerset St. W (just
West of Bank St.)

Contact: Education Coordinator 567-1288 or EduCoord@cfsc.ottawa.on.ca

Description:  advanced course in effective cycling for commuters and
receational cyclists.  Topics include bike fit, maintenance, touring,
causes of cycling collisions and how to avoid them, negotiating
multi-lane roadways, intersections, merge lanes.

Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a Can-Bike Cycling
Skills Instructor?  
Contact me for more information on this exciting contract opportunity.

Laurie Anderson
Education Coordinator - Cycling Safety and Promotion Program
Citizens for Safe Cycling
251 Bank St.,  Suite 504 (at Cooper)    
Ottawa, Ontario    K2P 1X3
(613)567-1288     (613)567-1818 (fax)
EduCoord@cfsc.ottawa.on.ca      http://www.cfsc.ottawa.on.ca
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