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South Asia Partnership Canada and SAP CPCC Afghanistan Working Group
cordially invite you to a mid day presentation on


On: Wednesday March 20, 2002
At: 12.00 to 2.00 PM
In: Room 202, 1 Nicholas Street, Ottawa

 Dr. Sanaulhaq Ahmadzai
Executive Director, Committee for Rehabilitation Aid to Afghanistan (CRAA)
CRAA is an Afghan NGO that has been working in Afghanistan for some 20
years now. CRAA is focused on rural development. It currently has projects
in agriculture development, health education and nutrition.  Dr. Ahmadzai
has been in Afghanistan throughout all the changes. He is currently visiting
 Dr. Omar Zakhilwal, Partnership Afghanistan
After the fall of Taliban regime in Afghanistan the international community
is undertaking the largest reconstruction effort in the UN history in this
war-devastated country. The urgency of the crisis, coupled with the need to
capitalize on donor interest, has created an accelerated funding schedule.
This has made it difficult to incorporate Afghan opinion and field
experience from Afghan and non-Afghan humanitarian agencies into the
international planning process for reconstruction.   Realising the lack of
the essential participation of the latter groups and the need for inclusion
of their views in a sound Afghanistan reconstruction planning, Dr. Omar
Zakhilwal undertook a mission to (where some 3 million Afghan refugees
currently live) and Afghanistan. His objective was to survey a cross-section
of Afghan society in urban and rural areas in Afghanistan and also refugee
camps in Peshawar for their views about priorities for relief and recovery
in their country and their views on how some specific plans implemented.
 Mr. Kaleem Akhtar, Executive Director, Human Concern International
Human Concern International is a Canadian, Federally Registered, and
charitable organization existing "to help alleviate human suffering". Since
1980 HCI has contributed over 20 million dollars towards facilitating long-t
erm development projects, and providing immediate relief assistance to many
poor and strife torn countries. HCI's development projects have helped
communities become more self-sufficient and the emergency assistance
provided has helped communities in times of dire need. HCI has programming
in Afghanistan and with the Afghan refugees in Pakistan. Mr. Akhtar also
returned from a mission to the region recently.
For more information:
Faruq Faisel, Canadian Program Manager, SAP Canada
Phone: (613) 241 1333, extension 226 Fax: (613) 241 1129
E-mail: ffaisel@sapcanada.org

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