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[OPIRG-EVENTS] lolo's child film

lolo's child  www.loloschildfilm.com

A feature film by Filipino-Canadian artist Romeo Candido

Monday, April 1
at the National Archives of Canada Auditorium
395 Wellington St.

Tickets are $5 for students and $7 for regular admission
and can be purchased at the door or call 862-3298.

Ottawa Screening sponsored by Carleton University Filipino Students

The director will be attending the screening and will be available for

Inspired by his father's death Junior embarks on composing the soundtrack
to his life.

After a two year exile, Junior (Romeo Candido) comes home to bury his
father, to bury his childhood and to bury the memories that drove him

Upon his return he discovers that his absence has left his old world
unaffected. Jason his childhood nemesis, his long-time love, Sarah and his
history of abuse and anguish all remain as he left it . unresolved.

It is through the painful process of self-discovery that he finds the one
way to overcome it all.

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