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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Child Labour Profits in Your Bottom Line?

Good day,

Have you ever wondered how your direct or indirect investments may 
possibly sustain the suffering of innocent children in distant countries?

The Capital SRI group has invited Laura Hannant to share with us some 
of her experiences and knowledge about the real and undeniable effects 
that our own personal investments can have and do have on children
used as labourers.

On Monday March 25th at 7pm, at the Glebe Community Centre, 
120 Lyon Street in Ottawa, Laura Hannant will tell of her experiences
meeting child labourers from sweatshops while in Pakistan.

In a few days Laura  will be travellng to Sweden for a meeting of the 
jury for the World Children's Prize, providing recognition and support 
for children struggling against oppression. All jury members are 
18 years of age or younger.  Screening out Canadian vendors of 
sweatshop products as well as other issues related to finalizing 
Capital SRI's ethical portfolio and website will be discussed. 
Candidates are sought for committee work.

Please call to confirm your attendance, if you can:

Ahti Tolvanen, 684-7770
Capital SRI

REPLY ADDRESS: fenburn@usa.net

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