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[OPIRG-EVENTS] April Events Calendar - 5 events in one month!

Octopus Books Presents April Events! Spring into spring with great books.
Mark Your Calendars! More details will be announced regarding each event 
closer to the dates.  Please phone or email us if you would like details now.
April 6 - Whine and Cheese in Ottawa with Straight Goods
2:30-5:30 pm, National Library of Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa

Hear and take part in a panel discussion on Media, Public Opinion  and 
Corporate Convergence, with journalists: Stephen Dale,  Charles Gordon, Ken 
Hechtman, Linda McQuaig,  Lois Sweet.
All Ticket prices include a pleasant reception in the elegant Library with 
Brian Browne on the Glenn Gould grand, wine/beer, light buffet and one 
year's membership in Straight Goods, which you will need after April to 
access our extensive archives (retail value: $25)
$100- name on program as a Host
$50 - standard
$25 - lower income.
All prices are subject to GST, available at Octopus Books.

April 11 - A Poetry Reading with T. Anders Carson
Folding the Crane
7-9 pm, at Octopus Books, 116 Third Ave. FREE!!! Info : 233-2589, 

Folding the Crane is Carson's plea to a world that has lost it's youthful 
grace  a call to find peace within all of us and let it run wild and free 
as the spirit of a child.

April 23  Novel Reading with Clint Hutzulak (The Beautiful Dead End).
7-9 pm, at Octopus Books, 116 Third Ave. FREE!!! Info: 233-2589. 
Meet this Victoria author, and hear him read from his novel.  The Globe & 
Mail says:  "Every detail of setting and behaviour and inner response 
contributes to the spare, mesmerizing beauty of Hutzulak's prose..... 
Hutzulak at his best creates scenes shimmering with presence, in which 
nothing is extraneous to his purpose. Even things such as an image seen in 
passing... resonate as emblems of something essential."

April 25  Poetry Reading with Diane Keating (The Year One)
7-9 pm, at Octopus Books, 116 Third Ave. FREE!!! Info: 233-2589, 
Co-sponsored by Octopus Books & The Literary Society of Ottawa (LSO).
With emotion shaped by exactness Diane Keating extends private experience 
into a
larger social context, every poem resonating with the complexities of 
loss.  She is travelling from Toronto to be with us.

April 27  Book Launch with Robert Hunter (2030: Confronting Thermageddon in 
our Lifetime)
7-9 pm, Ottawa Public Library, 120 Metcalfe St . FREE!!! Info: 233-2589, 
Brought to you by Octopus Books and OPIRG-Carleton.  Wheelchair accessible.
Meet one of the co-founders of Greenpeace and acclaimed author of Red 
Blood.  In 2030, Hunter has drawn on the experience of a lifetime to argue 
that our time is running out on planet Earth.  He, and many respected 
scientists, believe that all environmental lines will be crossed around the 
year 2030.  What makes this book hopeful, however, is Hunter's 
activist-at-the-barricades conviction that, if we all act now, we can still 
change this.

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