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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Reminder: Wednesday April 3rd, Anti-G8 Caravan and Roadshow

The Launch of Ottawa's Resistance to the G8

An Evening with The Anti-G8 Caravan and Roadshow
featuring activists from Quebec, Ontario and Alberta

Wednesday, April 3, 2002
Main Auditorium
Ottawa Public Library Main Branch (Metcalfe and Laurier)
Ottawa, Ontario

On June 26-27, activists from the Northeast Region of North America will be
converging on Ottawa for two days of action against the G8.  Come together
on Wednesday, April 3 to discuss local and regional resistance to the G8,
and find how
you can get involved.

The evening will include:

*The G8 in 8 Minutes
*"Take the Capital!":  Anti-G8 actions in Ottawa, June 26-27
*Activist Guide to Ottawa Slideshow:  Popular Education against the G8
*The G8 in Alberta
*Grassroots Resistance to the G8
*Lots more!

The evening will include presentations by activists from Montreal, Ottawa
and Alberta.

Childcare available (please register in advance)
Wheelchair accessible
Translation in French


[The participants below will all be involved with panels, workshops,
interviews and other aspects of the caravan. Not all members of the caravan
will be speaking at every event, and local activists and organizations will
be an integral part of the Caravan at each stop.]

Fiona Cavanagh -- Fiona is a student in international education and an
activist based in Edmonton, Alberta. She works with The People's Action
Network (FTAA), Citizens for Peaceful Communities (police-monitoring),
Ecocity, and is involved with local anti-G8 organizing.

Stefan Christoff -- Stefan is an activist, musician and artist living in
Montreal. He is a member of the Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC) and also
an audio activist with CKUT community radio. He has also been active in
planning and organizing the Howl Festival of Art & Revolution in Montreal,
Toronto, New York City and Halifax.

Lisa Freeman -- Lisa is an activist and community organizer who has been
involved in supporting people with developmental disabilities in
Kitchener-Waterloo and Ottawa where she now lives and works. She has
recently been very active in local anti-oppression work, as well as
coalition building against the FTAA and G20 in Ottawa.

Andréa Schmidt -- Andréa lives in Montreal, where she is a member of the
Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC) and Action montréalaise contre la guerre,
l'impérialisme et le racisme (AGIR). Andréa is also a facilitator with the
Montreal Direct Action Workshop.

Marika Schwandt-- Marika is an activist and performer based in Edmonton,
Alberta, where she is active on many projects including indymedia, community
radio, police monitoring and health care struggles. Marika is organising on
many levels to mobilise against the G8.

Jaggi Singh -- Jaggi is a writer and activist based in Montreal. He is a
member of the Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC), as well as the anti-war
group AGIR (Action Against War, Imperialism and Racism). He is also a member
of the Alternative Bookshop collective in Montreal.

Shannon Willmott -- Shannon is an Ottawa activist. She has been active in
local mobilizing against the FTAA and G8, anti-biotech activism, and
supporting survivors of sexual violence/women living on the street. Shannon
grew up off-reserve on Lake Muskoka with her mixed Ojibwe/Euro-immigrant

In the spirit of the People's Global Action (PGA) network:  "We Are

For more information, call (613) 565 3776 or email octoteam@magma.ca

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