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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Ottawa Rally: Women Against the Occupation of Palestine

Dear friends,

please support the “Women Against Occupation” who invite you to join them this 
Wed. April 3rd.

A Women’s Demonstration

In solidarity with the Palestinian people

End Israeli Occupation

Stop violations of human rights

We call upon all women to join us in solidarity with the Palestinian people. 
We demand that our Canadian government uphold the provisions of the IVth 
Geneva Convention regarding civilian populations under occupation. We call on 
the Canadian government to respond to Israel’s continuing non-compliance with 
the rule of Law by joining the international community in the censure and 
sanction of the illegal Israeli occupation and colonization of the West Bank 
and Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.

Put an end to Palestinian suffering.

Stop the terror against Palestinian children, women and men.

Demand an Immediate withdrawal of Israeli occupying forces from the occupied 

Pressure the Israeli government to abide by international laws.

Send an international monitory force to the occupied territories.

Send a Canadian delegation to monitor Israeli violations of human rights.

All women are invited. Men are welcome too.

Date: Wednesday April 3, 2002

Time: 11:00am – 2:00pm

Location: Human Rights Monument – Elgin street

Please inform every person you know

Dress in black if you can

“It is the least we can do”

Organized by:

Women Against Occupation

Sponsored by:

-SPHR (Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights)

- Palestinian Women Association-Ottawa

Faisal Moola,
Forest Ecologist
MSc.,Biology, Lakehead University
Ph.D. candidate, Biology, Dalhousie University

2-524 MacLaren Street
Ottawa, Ontario

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