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[OPIRG-EVENTS] MP Action Campaign for Palestine

Dear friends,

the current situation in the Occupied Territories calls for serious action. 
Canada has been silent and this is unacceptable. The burden is on us to make 
our Government accountable to its moral legal obligations, as a signatory to 
international treaties. The situation is really desperate, and we urge you to 

We call upon all of you to take one hour of your time, any time between 11:00 
am & 9:00 pm, and come up to our workshop this Sunday April 7, at Carleton 
University and join us in our action campaign to contact our MPs and request 
from them to demand the government condemn the Israeli Aggressions against 
Innocent Palestinians and End the Occupation.

Date: Sunday April 7, 2002
Location: Baker Lounge, Unicenter 4th Floor @ Carleton University
Time: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

FREE PARKING!!! For Directions please visit: http://www.carleton.ca/cu/campus/

We will provide contact information, Press Releases, Telephones, Fax Machines 
and Internet Access. We encourage you to bring your children and encourage 
them to express themselves and write their own personal letters to their MP.

Organized By: Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) www.sphr.org
Sponsored By:
Ahlul Beit Center
Syrian Canadian Club
National Council on Canada Arab Relations
Muslim Students' Federation
Canadian Arab Students' Association
Canadian Alliance for Palestine
Canadian Friends of Sabeel
Canadain Arab Professional Community Associations
Association of Palestinian Arab Canadians
Women Against Occupation
Islamic Association for Palestine

In Solidarity,
Solidarity for
Palestinian Human Rights
Carleton University, Ottawa
e-mail: carleton@sphr.org
web page: www.sphr.org

Faisal Moola,
Forest Ecologist
Ph.D. candidate, Biology, Dalhousie University

2-524 MacLaren Street
Ottawa, Ontario

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