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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Palestine Actions in Ottawa

Hello friends,

This isn't an announcement. I apologize. The Canada Colombia Solidarity 
Campaign's name was accidently left off the list of supporters for the 
Palestinian demos. I present their statement of support below:

"The Canada Colombia Solidarity Campaign (CCSC), which works in solidarity
with popular movements in Colombia as they face a dirty war of extermination
directed against them, would like to add their name to the list of sponors
of this march.

The CCSC, a broad coailtion of Canadian organizations, unions, churches and
Colombian and other Latin American exiles, fully recognizes the right of
self determination of the Palestinian people as well as the barbaric and
immoral nature of the Israeli occupation.

The CCSC recognizes that the Israeli occupation, like the war in Colombia,
is sponsored in large by the US in its desire to promote its war machine and
military solutions to conflicts which stem from an historical and structural
injustice against innocent people.

For more information on the CCSC, please consult our website:

In solidarity

Faisal Moola,
Forest Ecologist
Ph.D. candidate, Biology, Dalhousie University

2-524 MacLaren Street
Ottawa, Ontario

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