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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Saturday - March against the war on Afghanistan and in support ofhuman rights in Palestine!

March against the war on Afghanistan and in support of human rights 
in Palestine!

When? The march starts at 12:00 on Saturday April 6.
Where? Meet at the corner of York and Sussex, across from the US Embassy.
Why? Because human rights in Palestine are being crushed by Israeli tanks.
      Because innocent Afghanis are suffering just because of US oil interests.
      Because President Bush is threatening to expand the war against terrorism
      to Iraq, whose people have suffered enough already.

The object of this march is to distribute information to the public, share
resources and information with each other, stand in defiance and outrage .

Please bring your signs, noise-makers and outrage!

To contact NOWAR/PAIX, please send a message to: nowar_paix@flora.org.
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