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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Paths of Resistance discussion session, Thursday, April 11

You Are Invited to and Open Discussion
Paths of Resistance: Global, Local, and Personal Struggles
Jack Purcell Community Centre, Elgin Street, Ottawa (room 101)
Thursday, April 11
7:30 PM

Come together with others to talk about Globalisation, Genocide, and 
Have a chance to discuss the issues and questions raised at the Ward 
Churchill and Anne Hanson talks, or come on out with thoughts and 
questions of your own. So far, discussion has included colonisation 
and the nature and history of globalisation, as well as the roles of 
civil disobedience, nonviolence and armed resistance in various 
struggles of resistance.

"Paths of Resistence: Global, Local and Personal Struggles" is an 
ongoing discussion forum exploring different perspectives of struggle 
against global, local and personal forces of oppression. Events of 
this forum will include speakers, readings and discussion groups. 
This forum is being organized by a loose collective of community 
members in collaboration with the Ontario Public Interest Research 
Group [OPIRG] Carleton, aiming to create an accessible educational 
experience for a diversity of Ottawa-area communities. We are 
interested to bringing more individuals and groups into this process.

For more information or if you are interested in helping out with Paths
of Resistance, please contact Dan Sawyer at 565-3776 or 
OPIRG-Carleton at 520-2757
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