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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Consultation on Digital Copyright comes to Ottawa April 11 8am to 5pm

The final consultation on digital copyright issues comes to Ottawa 
Thursday, April 11. The issues are: 
  - "Making Available" privilege in addition to "Copy Right" for 
creative works
  - Legal Protection of Technological Measures to control access & 
copying of creative works
  - Legal Protection of Rights Management Information
  - Liability of Network Intermediaries (e.g. ISPs, hosts)

The consultation takes place at the Conference Centre opposite the 
Chateau Laurier from 8am to 5pm

This will affect all web sites, email, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, computers, 
cell phones, and all 
other electronic access to information or creative works.

More info at:
5E75-437F-9AE6-E990A46BAFB1} (or 
  http://www.flora.ca/citizen-20020404.phtml  )

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